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Hedge and Shrub Trimming Services

Shrub & Hedge Trimming Services:

hedge and shrub trimming services in Portland, Oregon

hedge and shrub trimming services in Portland, Oregon

The Best Choice in Portland for Hedge Cutting and Shrub Trimming

Treekeeper Tree Service offers Trimming and Cutting of all types of hedges and shrubs – Portland and surrounding areas. In order to have well kept hedges and shrubs it takes a lot of hours of work to maintain. At Treekeeper Tree Service we are committed to keeping your shrubs trimmed and in beautiful condition. Saving you time (and your back and neck) so you can get back to enjoying the gardening and landscaping.

Because the climate of the Northwest, hedges/shrubs can grow out of control quickly. Trimming is not only done for visual appeal but regular trimming is necessary to train the hedge to grow to its fullest capacity. A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a landscape. Hedges provide valuable privacy and can protect your garden or yard from the elements. Managing your hedges is critical to the success of your yard.

There are many different types of hedges in your neighborhood and we know how to cater to the specific needs for each individual type. Some require more frequent trimming and require much attention to ensure full growth. Seasonal changes affect growth patterns as well, and we carefully take into consideration all factors when working with your shrubs/hedges. We pride ourselves on our expertise in hedge trimming and shaping. We have experience in all types and sizes of hedges.

We offer you a free, no-obligation quote, and of course all quotes include clean-up and removal of hedge cuttings. Call our Certified Arborist at 503-777-TREE (8733) for a free evaluation.

I had a very large, over-grown laurel hedge that I needed work on. It had been an expensive hassle for years and I finally decided to have some of it removed. Dan came out and removed a large section and then did some great trimming and shaping or the remaining portion. He worked quickly, met all the terms of the bid, and it all looks great. I plan to use Dan for all future tree/shrub needs and would heartily recommend him to others.

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